Hacking Happiness

Here we talk about personal and mental health solutions while striving to break stigmas around general perceptions, so as to be the guiding light for anyone who is looking for a breeze of positivity in life.

Be it an internal(Mental) or external(Physical) issue, we believe that with the right approach in our heads we all can lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Live, Laugh & Love❤️️” is our only motto.

About this blog.

What and Why?

This blog is the anecdote of my learnings, my fears, my failures and my perspective towards the world that surrounds me. It is my attempt to help people fight negativity and anxiety, just so that they don’t have to go through a time of internal struggle. This is my way of reaching out to the universe while extending a helping hand to anyone in need.

This is about me, about you and about all of us who at times may feel stranded on this pale blue dot.

What should you expect to find here!

Life Lessons

I don’t claim to be the most intellectual person on this planet neither do I claim to be a spiritual force, but I will always try to share the life lessons which I have learnt through my experiences so that if need be, you too can have a slice of positivity from the same.

Positive perspectives

In a world full of fake identities and cut-throat competition, it is both easy and convenient to fall prey to negative emotions. Through my writings, I will try to put forth a positive perspective of the things which are otherwise perceived as negatives in the world.

life hacks and tricks

From meditation to mental tricks and from little habits to productivity hacks, I will share all that I come across and find that it can be of value to anyone in general. Keep your mind open and be accepting is all I ask for.

Quotes to live by

“The moment you give up your dreams, someone else makes it their own. The key is to never let your dreams fade, because if you do just that, one day they WILL come true.”

“Look up to pray and find strength, but never look down and suppress others. What you do today, will become the part of your past tomorrow, and past haunts, only if you give it a chance to.”

Live laugh Love❤️️

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